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Nightshade Guild: You Mage Me

You Mage Me.jpg

Eleven months, that’s how long Morwen Rowe had to prepare for the arrival of the Elven Princess. It was finally her turn, and she was terrified. Could she keep the princess safe and alive for thirty days? Or would she be the first mage to fail their mission?

Fauxon Solis had watched Morwen for months, too afraid to approach her until the day she showed up with a child. His curiosity was peaked, he'd finally found the excuse to approach her.

Rowen was wary of Fauxon, was he after the Princess or her? She didn't know, but she had to trust her heart because time was running out and she needed all the help she could get.

You Mage Me is book 11 of the Nightshade Guild Series

Magic FLawed.jpg

Nightshade Guild: Magic Flawed

Morwen thought life was back on track after caring for the Elven Princess Ameria and getting her back to her people. A wedding should have been a fun time for everyone, but when the Nightshade Guild Members lost their powers... It was anything but a normal day.

Fauxon thought the only thing he had to deal with was a new roommate. Morwen moved in and life was exactly what he had always wanted. Until Morwen fell into a trance, and he got trapped inside it with her.

How could they get out and back to their normal life? Or would they be trapped forever?

Blurb and buy link coming soon

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