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There are three types of Zodiacs: The Sinless who live life in goodness and light, their blue auras shining like beacons of hope. The Wanderers, their purple essence telling others they walk a fine line between good and evil. Then there’s the The Fallen, the evil. The ones who use their powers to enhance their lives at any cost.

Breya Westfall was firmly in the Wanderers category until one day when everything changed. She’s had a hard life, tossed from home to home with no real family. Always fighting for every meal, every scrap of decency she could find in life. Now, she targets the wealthy men around her and takes what she needs. Until her latest conquest knows what she is….A Zodiac with powers, ones he wants to take for himself. In their fight, she kills him and becomes a Fallen. She fears the Zodiac Enforcement Agency will be after her, she goes on the run, and there's only one place she knows of that she can find the help she needs.


Dawson Drake runs the biggest Underground black market. Anything you need he can get, but for a price. Sometimes it's a fight in his gladiator ring, sometimes it's a payment. It's all up to his whim, after all, he's favored by the Gods. They gave him his powers and he lords it over the humans who happen to get in his way.  Nothing pleases him more than watching humans battle to the death. When Breya is brought to him, he is intrigued by her. He offers her the chance to escape to another planet, but she has to fight in his gladiator ring. 


When word gets to Dawson that the Zodiac Enforcement Agency is about to raid his arena. Breya has a choice to make. Dawson offers Breya the chance to run with him or go to prison and never see each other again. She has to decide if he's worth taking a chance on with her heart and her safety.

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