Hey everyone!

I'm just a few days away from my first book signing and I'm excited! I finally got all my book delivered and that was the coolest feeling. I can't wait to go hang out with some of my favorite friends, readers and authors alike.

In other news.... My sisters Cassidy K. O'Connor, Sheri Lyn and I are starting a podcast! When we get back from St. Augustine we are going to tape a couple episodes. The first being a recap of St. Augustine, of course there will be a lot more to it than that!

If you know the three of us, you know how quickly we get off topic, our sarcasm and picking on each other. Should be fun lol.

What are your plans for the weekend?

It's Thursday finally! This week has dragged and been really fast. I hate when time does that, it messes with your mind.

So, most of you know I work from home. In theory I should be able to write all day right? Well I try, I try so hard!

But, I also manage Milly Taiden's Shared World's in which we are launching our third world in March. I PA for a few clients and I'm my grandmother's taxi. So some days I feel like I do everything but write or even market!

It's funny as a PA for almost 6 years I lectured authors on marketing, now that I'm writing... I just don't do it.

Anyways I was rambling again. I was talking with a friend the other day, another newbie author like myself.

We talked about helping others out and as a PA I have helped other authors and PA's for years. I have always answered any question asked and even recommended clients to each. I helped a new cover artist create a group, build a following and sent tons of new clients her way. Now, she has no time to even talk to me when I want to commission her for something. Another I introduced to beta reading and lots of authors, she was GOOD! Within a few months she started a company and charged to read for authors. Then became a PA and tried to poach my clients. I have had a few PA's I have helped go after my clients in the past.. grrr.

Anyways my point is a remember your roots, who helped you get where you are. The authors who are there for you in the beginning, the readers who loved you before you were an author, supported you when you started out and never wavered. They are the diamonds in the rough and worth more than anything.

To each of you who have supported me on my journey, whether we met 5 years ago or yesterday. Thank you, you all mean the world tome and I will never forget you.

Hey everyone!

Well I lied to you, I didn't make my one release a month. Feb just got away from me, family, work, trying to write... it just got to be to much.

I was naive, I released two books in Sept, one in Oct and another in late Dec. I thought I could keep up the pace and it wouldn't be an issue. I guess I thought I was above stress and writers block.

Then I read something on FB about new authors, pricing, Reader complaints and I begin to wonder why am I bothering? Yeah, I have a lot of friends in the community but how many have actually read a book of mine? Yeah, they share and I LOVE that!

But for me this wasn't about sales, its about the love of writing. New stories, exploring what was in my head. Whether its sexy, thrilling or scary. I wanted to try new things.

I have my first book signing as an author in less than two weeks. I have attended so many as a reader/PA that I am not really nervous about it. But curious to see the other side of the table lol. If that makes sense, as a PA I was allowed into the Author stuff that readers are normally kept out of so this isn't anything new. But I think my mindset makes it new. Does that make sense?

I got two of my books in print and the other three come this week! That... that is exciting! Surreal too.

I'm rambling today, so drop me a line and ramble back a bit lol.