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One Man's Curse

Black Hollow

Ravenna Burroughs thought she was being offered the perfect job in Black Hollow. One that gave her access to the oldest books on magic. Here she could finally find out how to break a curse and fix her family’s magic problems. What she didn’t expect to find…. The family, that her’s cursed.

Derrick Ainsworth and his whole family were cursed thousands of years ago. Something changed and the curse was setting in earlier and earlier. He wasn’t willing to let another year go by without ending it. He never expected the key to fixing his family began with the descendant of the one who cursed them.

Derrick is running out of time to save his family from turning into the mindless moaning Zombies everyone thinks they are. Ravenna never put a face to the names of the cursed, but now she can’t forget them. She knows time is running out to save those she has come to love. Together they find out what really happened to their ancestors and that one person won't let the curse end.

Released: January 7, 2019

This book is:

Fun & quirky with 

mild sex scenes