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Crimson Moon Hideaway: Love's Stage

Rina Cassanova loves being on stage and singing for the crowds of patrons in the Cave bar at the Crimson Moon Hideaway. When the song ends and she walks off the platform, she remembers what she is and hides from the world. Her fears take over and she becomes a recluse until he stumbles into her oasis.

Ren Michaels was tired. The constant touring, the screaming fans, the demands on all his time. Fate stepped in and he found himself stranded outside the Crimson Moon Hideaway. He vaguely remembered hearing about the resort for Paranormals but hadn’t expected to end up finding his purpose.

Rina didn’t want a rockstar coming in and taking her place, but when the fear of singing takes her to a dark place only Ren can step in and save the day. When it’s time for him to continue on his rockstar journey, can she say goodbye? Or will he give it all up to sing in a bar and stay with her?

CMH- Lead To You - Jennifer Wedmore - eBook.jpg


Baylee was running from her life and drowning her sorrows in the bar at Crimson Moon Hideaway. She was looking for anything or anyone to use as a distraction. One glance across the hall, and she was intrigued. Who was that man going into the casino?

Cooper found himself at Crimson Moon Hideaway while they were hosting their first poker tournament. He was trying to avoid the temptation to pick up the cards and needed anything to distract him. Across the hall, he saw her. Salon.. sure, because that's where she went.

When they find their lives were more entwined than they even suspected, they have to figure out a way to end both their problems and if a distraction can turn into something more.

Crimson Moon Hideaway: Lead to You

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