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Save a Horse

Ryley Stewart grew up knowing shifters were everywhere. Little was known about them though; she made it her life's mission to meet and interview as many as she could. As a freelance journalist, she traveled the country meeting new shifters. When Gerri Wilder contacts her to help her find new shifters to interview. Ryley makes it known she is only interested in interviews, not a mate.

TC Donovan wasn't looking for his mate. He was content on his ranch, rehabilitating horses. TC saw the worst things people could do to animals; it made him distrustful and grouchy. The last thing he wanted was a journalist staying in his house or interviewing him.

It only took one look, and TC knew he met his mate, but would Ryley be willing to give up her globe-trotting lifestyle to stay with him on his ranch or would she take Gerri up on her offer to meet other shifters?

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