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Jennifer Wedmore Sexy in Black

Sexy In Black 

What’s a vanilla girl to do when her friends drag her to a fetish club for her bachelorette party? Wear black and try to hide from everyone. Of Course. Carnal Knowledge! Yeah, not the place Jennifer expected to be taken to for her bachelorette party. As soon as they arrived her friends grab the color band that fits their desires… and abandon her. Shawn, her fiance and savior, arrives to escort her around the club, but he’s not wearing a black band like her. Black is the color of do not touch. The ultimate signal to stay away. Jennifer is about to discover there’s more to Shawn than she thought. Can this vanilla girl spice up her relationship or will she lose everything? Now that she knows what Shawn craves in the bedroom, can she ever go back to being vanilla and would Shawn want her if she did?

Released March 12, 2019

This book is:

Erotic and hot!

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