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You Never Know

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Thanks for stopping by! I finally got my site updated. Still need to do a few tweaks but for the most part I'm good. Right now two books are not available for sale (Can You Protect Them and Can You Save Them), but we are working on getting them rebranded and live again soon! 

Below I'm going to show you some of the books/covers that are planned between now and June!

The Accidental Zodiacs is a new shared world that will first release in April of 2023. Click the image below and it will take you to my book blurb and give you information about the world. 

Next is the latest book in the Crimson Moon Hideaway series. (Each book is a standalone.) My plan is to have it by the end of April.

Altered Memories came out March 7th in the Grave Dangers boxset. Click the image to see more information.

Lastly The third year in the Nightshade Guild. This takes us up to June, I'll update later with what's on tap for the rest of the year.

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About Jennifer Wedmore

Jennifer Wedmore is a native of Florida, a wife, mom of three and now an author. Her journey in writing started with a bit of good-natured peer pressure. Growing up her goal was to be known as eccentric and she hopes that is evident in her stories. Why choose one genre when she can play in several?

Jennifer is a manager of MT Worlds Press, and is a co-creator of Books at the Beach.

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