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Alizon Bishop escaped Salem during the infamous witch trials. In Black Hollow, she found a haven, a family and peace. Her candy shop was her passion until one day it wasn't. A stranger turns up and her world is flipped upside down and he shows her there's more to life than chocolate.

Lucan O'Brien was half fairy and half-human. Though he wondered how much of him was really a fairy. After all, he couldn't fly, he was the size of a normal human and he possessed none of the traits of a fairy. He didn't fit in the fairy world or the human world.

Lucan arrives in Black Hollow a town where he could belong finally and finds a woman he could love. But someone is killing witches and Alizon has a target on her back. Did he finally find his home only to lose the woman who makes it worthwhile?

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About Jennifer Wedmore

Jennifer Wedmore is a native of Florida, a wife, mom of three and now an author. Her journey in writing started with a bit of good-natured peer pressure. Growing up her goal was to be known as eccentric and she hopes that is evident in her stories. Why choose one genre when she can play in several?

Jennifer is a manager of MT Worlds Press, and is a co-creator of Books at the Beach.

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