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Over two years since my last post??

Wow, I guess I'm really behind! I'm hoping most of you follow me on Facebook to say updated, but a quick recap.

Last year my sisters and I started a book convention. Books at the Beach and this is our second event. Sherrilyn McQueen is our Fae Queen and I'm so freaking excited to see her and learn from her. She's hosting an hour long author panel and I HAVE QUESTIONS! In addition to an hour long reader panel.

I've released several books since I last updated you and am working on a few more. Right now I have a Black Hollow story I'm halfway through. This one features Damien Boogey the principal of the school and a Boogeyman.

September I'm joining several other authors for a special Themed launch in Crimson Moon Hideaway.. hint my title is Krakken Me Up!

After those two I'm in a horror/thriller/suspense antho that will come out in March of next year, so I want to get that written asap.

After that... I'm not sure what I'm going to work on, I Have several stories I'm excited to get too.. Do you have any preferences of genre or even specific story?

That's all for today, I'll do my best to keep this site updated and post more often.



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