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Jeremiah Dawson is the owner and operator of Dawson Worldwide Shipping. Jeremiah wants to celebrate the opening of his newest office in Dockside Florida. What better way to meet potential new clients but by having a Christmas party and invite business owners, local politicians, movers, and shakers in the community. The community is important to the city and Jeremiah was determined to use that to his advantage.

Charlotte Paisley is Dockside Elementary's music teacher. Each December she organizes the annual Christmas concert. An event she loved and looked forward to until this year. The School Board after receiving a generous donation has agreed her musical would be performed at a local businessman's Christmas party. This party was taking away the joy and meaning in Charlotte’s favorite holiday.

Jeremiah is determined to have the best party the city has ever seen. Charlotte wants nothing to do with the uppity businessman. She just wants a good performance for her students and life to go back to normal. Can this Christmas be saved?

Working With Scrooge

  • Physical paperback copy of Working With Scrooge 

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