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Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Can You Protect Them? cover

Today is release day for Milly Taiden's brand new world the Federal Paranormal Unit. I asked my sister to cowrite a story with me for the world.

Can You Protect Me was the product of that. It is MM so if you don't like that, skip the two scenes lol.

He was an ordinary guy, who had unusual desires, ones that would dub him a serial killer. Unlike most, he decided to act on his whims. The media dubbed him the Professor, it fit. He was determined to learn new things, stuff others would balk at. The Cops and FBI upped the bets when they caught his trail.

Detective Remington Conahan was a little jaded and a lot dedicated. When the first body is found, he is called because everyone knows he will give her the justice she deserves. No one's life is worthless to him.

Grayson Knox is the newest member to join the Federal Paranormal Unit. When he gets a call from an old friend that a witch was killed and there is a threat of a new serial killer, he agrees to help with the investigation. What he didn't expect to find was a man who made him lose sight of why he was here.

When evil masquerades as a regular man and travels the country, can anyone protect them?

Just stopping by to wish my friends and myself lol a Happy Release day!

Sexy in:


Hot PInk




All released today! One click your copy and join the party for guest takevoers, and a scavenger hunt!

Hey everyone, sorry I have been quiet lately. But like most of you I was productive today when FB went down! So yay!

Tomorrow is the release of Sexy in Black, my story in the O My anthology. We are having a party with guest authors so make sure you come join the fun!

Anyways, I am working on FPU with my sister Sheri lyn,. It's so much fun, I get to be evil and she writes the sexy MM stuff. Man does she have a way with words!

St. Patrick's day is this weekend, Anyone have any plans?

I guess this is all for this round, Im just proofreading a book and working on FPU with Sheri so got to get back.

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