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End of Feb already?

Hey everyone!

Well I lied to you, I didn't make my one release a month. Feb just got away from me, family, work, trying to write... it just got to be to much.

I was naive, I released two books in Sept, one in Oct and another in late Dec. I thought I could keep up the pace and it wouldn't be an issue. I guess I thought I was above stress and writers block.

Then I read something on FB about new authors, pricing, Reader complaints and I begin to wonder why am I bothering? Yeah, I have a lot of friends in the community but how many have actually read a book of mine? Yeah, they share and I LOVE that!

But for me this wasn't about sales, its about the love of writing. New stories, exploring what was in my head. Whether its sexy, thrilling or scary. I wanted to try new things.

I have my first book signing as an author in less than two weeks. I have attended so many as a reader/PA that I am not really nervous about it. But curious to see the other side of the table lol. If that makes sense, as a PA I was allowed into the Author stuff that readers are normally kept out of so this isn't anything new. But I think my mindset makes it new. Does that make sense?

I got two of my books in print and the other three come this week! That... that is exciting! Surreal too.

I'm rambling today, so drop me a line and ramble back a bit lol.

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